Building Dreams into Profit

Everyone wants to make money doing what they enjoy. The right customers provide the profit needed to sustain your dream. 

Business Builders turns your vision into a reality while building a profitable life-sustaining business venture. 


Got an Idea?

At Business Builders you provide the Idea, we prepare the Business Plan, Projections, Loan Package and Website to bring your “Idea to Reality”!

Melanie’s Credentials Include

30+ years of analyzing business plans for loans ranging from small to millions as a past bank president and lender

Assisting her bank clients with the improvement of their business and marketing plans

Building projections with entrepreneurs that make sense and are achievable 

Analyzing financial information throughout her banking career and as controller for numerous companies

Preparing business plans as an employee of the Small Business Administrations EMAGNIFY, located at Seton Hill University

Preparing business plans for the URA in the City of Pittsburgh for new and expanding business owners

As a Professor at Seton Hill University, teaching classes on Business Plan Development and finance to students

Building clients throughout the Western Pennsylvania market and maintaining her network of contacts 

Our Services

The Idea

So you have an idea for a new business or expansion? Time to brainstorm! At Business Builders we have the background and expertise to give structure to what matters most in this important decision in your life.

Step 1

The Reason

First we discuss where your idea generated from. Is it a passion of yours? A hobby you love? A family business? Expertise that you already have? A way to escape the corporate world? Whatever the reason, we want it to be the “right” reason.

Step 2


Your personality assessment is discussed. Where are your strengths and who will you need in your support team to cover your weak areas? Can you afford the team you will need?

Step 3

The Customer

Who is your “Perfect Customer”? Where do they live? How much money do they make? Are they single, married? Where do they work? What do they do in their spare time? Where and how do you connect with them? Where are they getting your product/service now? Why will they change to you?

Step 4

Business Plan

At this point we are ready to start pulling our data together and preparing a Business Plan. Does your business make sense in the market you selected? Will people buy from you and why? Cheap is not better! Cheap makes me wonder where your product/service has a shortfall over the competition. A complete Business Plan will be prepared together! Why have a plan that is someone else’s ideas? You want a plan that is truly a plan, one you can follow and learn from. See our Business Plan Template, under the Forms tab, for an example of a Business Plan.

Step 5


Now it’s time for Projections. Is your business seasonal? What will your best months be for sales? Do your products/services have different profit margins? How much does it cost to supply your product or service? How many will you sell? How did you calculate that figure? What is your Cost of Goods Sold? How does it compare to the competition? What are your Expenses? Can they be lowered in any way? And finally, what is your Bottom Line Profit?

Step 6


Is up to you. You now have a strong Business Plan in hand, Projections that make sense, and the confidence that you have the knowledge and team to succeed. Business Builders can now find you your needed financing (ask how we are free) or you can proceed on your own. Your business – your decision – we’re just part of the team to get you there!


Get In Touch

Your first call is free! Let’s talk about your idea and brainstorm. We’ll ask lots of questions to get you thinking, and excited! After all, this is YOUR dream. 

Business Builders

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