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The #1 most difficult tasks for business owners is maintaining accurate, timely financial records. What we see many times are businesses that have not filed their prior year tax return due to having incomplete check registers, unbalanced checking account statements and receipts in a box. Another common problem is the bank wants updated financial statements and you don’t have the time or expertise to get them done. That’s where we come in!

Your time and talents should be dedicated on growing your business. Let us handle that paperwork. You’ll save on late tax filing penalities, be able to borrow money quickly and always know where your business stands financially.

How it Works

Our Approach

Every client receives a FREE consultation phone conversation with one of our team. Your specific needs are discussed and possible solutions suggested. 

Client #1

It’s ALL in a Bag!

Is your financial recording system a plastic shopping bag or have you upgraded to a storage bin? Don’t worry, many businesses are in your same position. The first Client we will discuss was exactly that.

This Client has three companies providing separate services. It was late August, their CPA was still working on their prior year data and the bank was holding loan funds until the tax return AND year-to-date financials were complete. The Client needed money! 

A Business Builder team met the Client to secure all receipts, bank account statements and credit card bills. It was found that the Client’s connection between QuickBooks and their checking account was crediting the wrong income and expense categories. The data was completely incorrect! 

Transactions needed examined one-by-one to categorize correctly, bank statements needed balanced, and receipts needed located. The CPA was ecstatic to have Business Builders assistance with this arduous task. 

Within one week the data was sent to the CPA for compilation of the tax return. A new format was in place for the current tax year and the YTD records followed soon thereafter. 

The CPA bill was much less than expected, the Bank was happy, the Client received their loan funds!

Client #2 

QuickBooks Online 

Many business owners have switched to QuickBooks Online due to it’s low cost and the ability to review your financial data from anywhere. The challenge is making sure the information is updated and accurate! 

This Client provided a mobile service with multiple technicians. There is no need for a physical office, all work is conducted onsite at the customer’s place of business. Since the Client also provides on-call and emergency service, the owner has very little free time to worry about his Bookkeeping. He figured QuickBooks Online would answer the problem. 

When Business Builders entered the picture, it was found that the prior year tax return was not even started, the CPA was totally frustrated and banking accounts had not been balanced for years. 

This project included Business Builders gathering all files, implementing a mobile depositing system that worked for the on the road owner, and getting all banking records up to date. 

Business Builders continues to handle the financial needs of this Client. For a flat monthly fee, all financial data is handled, including the tracking of Accounts Receivable, and all communication is directly with the CPA. The owner has added more employees, and customers, knowing his financial data is in good hands. 

Client #3

QuickBooks Set-up & Training

Are you a business start-up looking for an answer to your Bookkeeping needs? After a FREE consultation to discuss your needs, Business Builders will derive several options on how to handle those needs. 

This Client was experiencing faster than expected growth and knew they would be needing to borrow additional funds plus keep on top of profitability. As a new business owner, they were not quite sure which products/services were the most profitable for their company. 

QuickBooks Desktop was selected as the bookkeeping method for this company. The income and expenses were all categorized to easily track the profit attached to each product line. Once the business owner and their office manager were comfortable with the format, the office manager was trained on how to maintain the system. The owner continues to have Business Builders link remotely to their QuickBooks Desktop to check on accuracy and report on their financial analysis of the company. When the company needed funds for growth, they utilized Business Builders who was well-versed on this company’s products, services and cash flow. 


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Business Builders

Efficient Bookkeeping is imperative to operate a profitable company. Business Builders can help you decide which system is best for your needs. 


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